Every business is different! Therefore, I offer workshops customized to your organization. The aim is - among other things - to create growth through innovation activities.


Together we will figure out:

  • What kind of innovation is needed.
  • What customers and partners say.
  • What you need to be able to do.
  • And most importantly, how you will be able to do it.



My experience is that it can be a help and an inspiration to hear others success stories. Therefore, I offer to do presentations about how other organizations have created innovation - and how you can create yours.


I will do this by by telling you how you can:

  • Create innovation that supports growth.
  • Work with your own and others barriers towards innovation.
  • Develop strategic innovation.
  • Embrace changes in the organization.

Board Work


Innovation is both overlooked and undervalued in board context. Therefore, I offer board work focused on strategic innovation.


Strategic innovation can help you:

  • Start growth.
  • Support the 'good form' for control.

I am already a member of several boards and have worked with board work over the last ten years.

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