About Brink Development

Is innovation a challenge in your organization?


For example, are you in doubt about how to deal with ongoing changes? Or how to evoke innovation and growth in organizations?


Doubt no more! I can help you by telling you what will help in your particular organization.

My processes and concepts are based on research that shows that anyone can create innovation. You too! It is just a matter of working consistently with creating innovation while pulling the 'right handles'.


What i therefore offer is to help you with challenges within:

- Innovation

- Business Development

- Development in organizations


I have in many years worked with innovation and business development in different industries. It has given me extensive knowledge of what works in organizational contexts.



- PhD. in innovation and growth, 2011

- MBA strategy- and organizational development



Moreover, i work both nationally and internationally with other consultants about tools, such as:

- Insights® Danmark - link: http://www.insightsdanmark.dk

- Change International Ltd - Link: http://ci-l.com


I have also developed processes and tools based on my own research.

Brink Development

Tel: 74632660


Kaholt 2, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark